What Are The Landlord Responsibilities Scotland?

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Suppose you're thinking about renting out your property, or are already a landlord and want to make sure you've got everything covered. In that case, this is the A&S Properties quick guide the responsibilities which Scottish landlords have.

As experts in the Scottish rental industry, we have years of experience making sure that property is ready to be let. So get in touch to learn more, or to discuss how our property management services can help take the stress of the following responsibilities off of your shoulders.

Before a property is ready for rental, landlords have the following responsibilities:

Are you registered as a landlord?

Anyone who will be renting out their property needs to be registered as a landlord with their local council/authorities. This ensures acceptable standards for properties and gives tenants peace of mind that they are renting from someone deemed safe and compliant with all current guidelines.

Is the property currently in good condition and ready to be lived in?

These checks are vital, not only to attract high-quality tenants but to comply with the laws and regulations currently in place for landlords by the Scottish Government.

This means the entire property should be inspected inside and out, structure and exterior, for any issues such as damp, rot or anything else that can have a negative impact on the property itself and the tenants who live there.

Does everything work?

It may seem like it should go without saying, but properties need to ensure that the utilities and energy systems are in proper working order. This includes gas, electric, heating and clean running water.

Have you obtained the required certification?

Before a property can be let, landlords must obtain several certifications to prove the property is safe. These include Gas Safe certification, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Portable Appliance Tests (PAT) on any electrical appliance.

These tests must be completed by professional and quality engineers and renewed regularly. For example, you must have your Gas Safe certification renewed annually.

Have you ensured your property meets the repairing standard?

For all private landlords in Scotland, this standard is required. For more information on what this included and whether you are meeting them check out the Shelter website.

Is the property furnished and if so, have you completed an inventory?

If you're advertising furnished rental properties, then you have the responsibility to ensure all the furniture and appliances that are included are safe, working and recorded in an inventory. This improves the quality of living for the tenants but also makes sure you have record of what you own for when the property is inspected.

Does the rental have working safety alarms?

The landlord is required to ensure that all heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order before tenants can move in.

Are you using a tenancy deposit protection scheme?

Any deposits paid to landlords must be kept by an accredited third-party scheme, such as Safe Deposit Scotland.

Is your property an HMO? If so, you'll have added responsibilities.

The current HMO definition in Scotland is any property in which three or more families live and share a bathroom, toilet or kitchen. These are typically student and larger rental properties but require extra features such as HMO licensing, fire precautions and added safety checks.

Have you crafted and had signed a Tenancy Agreement?

One of the most significant responsibilities, for both your protection and the tenants, is having a tenancy agreement in place. This document outlines the legal terms of a rental and includes everything from tenant information, your landlord registration number and how to give the notice to leave.

Need help with your rental? Give us a call!

If you need guidance on any of the responsibilities you may have as a landlord or wish to learn how we can take on the stress and time-consuming task of ensuring a property is ready to rent, get in touch.

A&S Properties are experts in managing properties across Scotland with a long list of happy landlords in areas like Dundee and Perth who now can sit back and collect rental income while we take care of the rest.

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