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For renting quality, affordable properties in Dundee and across Tayside, it’s imperative to choose a reliable letting agent.

Not only will a letting agent be your main point of contact during the course of your tenancy, but you will work with them to get all the necessary paperwork and payments organised for moving into your new Dundee property. A&S Property are experienced Dundee estate agents who possess superb local knowledge of Dundee city centre, Angus and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for houses or flats to rent in Dundee and Angus then consider taking advantage of our property team’s expertise. We’ll help match you with a property that is right for you.

Call our Dundee office directly on 01382 250034 or book a property viewing online for any Dundee and Angus property you wish to let.

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Why use a letting agent?

A letting agent (or estate agent) is a key component to the buying, selling and renting of property. Often, landlords choose to partner with letting agents to rent out their property on their behalf.

A good letting agent will market the property effectively and match it with a tenant who is a suitable fit. All too often we see estate agents looking for quick turnarounds, which results in short-term lets, unhappy landlords and disappointed tenants.

At A&S Property we like to do things differently. Our team is meticulous in our property matches, taking the proper time to understand the landlord’s requests and listen to the tenant's wants and needs. We perform reference and credit checks on all our prospective tenants to ensure the property is a great match both financially and personally.

The main benefits of using a letting agent to let property are:

· Local knowledge of the area

· Match suitable tenants with suitable properties

· Expert property advice

· Full team of agents working to help you

· Understanding of paperwork and property admin

· Can help set up the necessary payment procedures · Quick, reliable point of contact for repairs and maintenance

· Will assist in setting up utilities, council tax and other necessary services

Why rent property in Dundee?

Dundee is a fantastic area to rent property in. It is one of the most affordable cities to live in in Scotland, meaning rent prices are generally lower compared to other cities such as Edinburgh, Perth or Aberdeen.

This lower cost of living doesn’t mean a drop in standard, however. Dundee has a thriving nightlife, plenty of entertainment options, a vibrant arts and culture scene and a wealth of interesting landmarks and sights. Dundee is also situated on the banks of the River Tay, providing picturesque views from all around the city. With green spaces easy to come by and reliable transport links to Edinburgh, Glasgow and further north, Dundee properties offer something for everyone.

For young professionals and recent graduates, Dundee is a great choice due to the thriving digital media and creative industry sectors. As the birthplace of the world popular Grand Theft Auto videogame, Dundee’s creative media sector has exploded in recent years, attracting professionals to the city both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, due to the two large universities found within Dundee, the city has a strong student and graduate presence. A&S Property have experience in renting out properties for students and commonly list HMO licensee properties on our site. It is not uncommon for recent graduates to find work post-study, making them another market group that we cater to at A&S.

Overall, Dundee offers plentiful opportunities and entertainment options for all types of prospective renters, especially young, working professionals and students. Please feel free to book a viewing online for any of our Dundee properties.

Renting with A&S Property Dundee

Wondering what you will get when you rent a property with A&S? Let us tell you.

Due to our many years of experience in the Dundee property market, A&S has great local knowledge of the whole Dundee and Angus area. Whether you are looking to rent smack-bang in the middle of Dundee or after something in the surrounding areas, A&S has the ways and means to find a property perfectly suited to you.

We carefully selected both our tenants and our landlords, ensuring that the property matches your expectations and your needs. Letting property in this way, as opposed to accepting everyone and anyone, gives greater comfort and security to both the tenant and the landlord. We aim to provide rental properties that feel like home, with our ultimate goal being the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

When renting Dundee properties with A&S, you will be getting:

· Expert local knowledge

· Honest feedback and advice

· Suitable properties that fit your specifications

· Properties to match your budget

· A reliable point of contact throughout your tenancy

· An estate agent that will assist you every step of the way

· A careful and considerate approach to renting and managing property in Dundee

Dundee properties to rent

A&S Property is constantly scouring the market to give prospective renters the best possible deals for houses and flats to rent in Dundee. We always select our chosen properties with careful consideration and ensure they are up-to-scratch for our rental clients.

We offer everything from four-bedroom houses to studio apartments. No property is too big or small for our Dundee property team to handle.

We also work hard to bring prospective renters a choice of location across the Dundee and Angus area. As Dundee city center tends to be the most popular area for rentals in Dundee, this is often our main priority. However, we are also aware that many renters prefer to live on the outskirts of the city or in the surrounding areas of Angus and Tayside. For this reason, you will regularly find properties for rent across the Dundee and Angus vicinity.

If you are interested in finding out more about our properties for rent in Dundee, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly property team or request a viewing online of any property that you are interested in.

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