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Support For Perthshire Property Investors

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A&S properties are committed to helping all of our clients get the most from their money. One way we achieve this is by assisting them in every aspect of property investment; Scotland is full of fantastic opportunities for use to help you maximise your return while minimising what you invest.

Investors in Perthshire can expect to find some amazing real estate that makes for excellent investments. Properties in Perth consist of a great mix of residential, commercial and buy-to-let, making ample opportunities for you to invest little while receiving a large rental yield.

As a constantly evolving city, the area is filled with families, professionals, and thanks to excellent public transportation links, commuters to other areas of the country. However, this means that knowing the best strategies for Perth investment opportunities can be difficult, but don't worry, A&S are on hand to guide you through every step.

How A&S Properties Can Help You Invest

We strongly believe that many of our clients are leaving money on the table by not investing wisely, which is why we offer our free support with property investments. We provide:Over 40 years of industry experience

  • In-depth knowledge of property in Perth
  • Start-to-finish support with investment properties
  • Connections with local tradespeople and suppliers
  • Simple, no-nonsense advice on everything from property price to capital growth

We know that new starters and experienced landlords can always need some assistance when it comes to the property market. To give you the full extent of our knowledge, expertise and experience with Perth property investments, we dedicate every Saturday morning to meeting clients providing hands-on advice. Below is just some of the areas we can help guide you through:

Property Search

To help maximise your return and minimise your investment we offer to:

  • Discuss the very best investment strategies within Perth
  • Offer our help sourcing additional resources for investing (such as solicitors)
  • Property searching and initial inspections
  • Help with the submission of any offers

Pre-Purchase Assistance

If required, we can help throughout the investment and then purchase of a property, meaning we can assist with:

  • Any required surveys or evaluations
  • Source quotes for any refurbishments and furnishing from our trusted partners
  • Arranging any landlord’s issuance you may need

Property Preparation

The last step would be to ensure the property is ready for residents:

  • Inspections, the key collection and any initial reporting of damages
  • Arranging required refurbishments and furnishings
  • Tenant handover
  • Offering property management services going forward

Are you already a landlord in Perth? Take a look at what our management services can offer you!

Property Investment Perth Case Studies

  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: June 2020
  • Type of Property: One bed
  • Total cost: £56,000
  • Rent: £450 pcm
  • Gross Yield: 9%
  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: December 2020
  • Type of property: One bed
  • Total cost: £54,000 (£45,000 purchase + £9,000 development)
  • Rent: £450 pcm
  • Gross yield: 10%
  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: 2015
  • Type of property: Four bedroom
  • Total cost: £85,000 (£75,000 purchase + £10,000 development)
  • Rent: £750 pcm
  • Gross yield: 10.5%
  • Location: Dundee
  • Purchase date: 2013
  • Type of property: Three bed
  • Total cost: £135,000 (£120,000 purchase + £15,000 development)
  • Rent: £830 pcm
  • Gross yield: 7%
  • Location: Dundee
  • Purchase date: 2020
  • Type of property: One bed
  • Total cost: £64,000 (£54,000 purchase + £10,000 development)
  • Rent: £440 pcm
  • Gross yield: 8.3%