Property Management Perth

A&S Properties guarantee that you'll receive same-day rent transfers via BACS transfer, along with a statement by email. The majority of rents are received on the first of every month; however, 70% of rents are paid before the first and Landlords are paid before the due date.

You need to register as a landlord prior to your property being advertised, and should be done with your local authority. Legislation currently states that you must be a 'fit and proper person' and that your landlord registration number is to be included in all adverts.

For peace of mind, you should use an accredited agent, such as LAS, SAL or ARLA. Being accredited is recognised by mortgage lenders.

When looking to choose the correct agent for you, look for professionalism, value and a dedicated team.

For expert advice on what your rental value should be, get in touch with A&S Properties. A member of our team would be delighted to visit your property and offer our free advice on what you can expect.

As per the tenancy agreement, tenants are responsible for all bills, including all utilities and council tax.

The inventory provider will record readings of metres and contact local authorities to provide details of new tenants moving in.

Working with our network of local tradespeople, which we can rely on 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Quotes can be obtained and passed to Landlord before any repairs are carried out unless we deem it an emergency.

There are two options in this case:
1. The tenant pays for the repairs for damages
2. The cost for repairs is taken from the security deposit when the tenancy ends.

The initial inspection will be carried out within a month of the tenancy agreement being signed. After this time, they are carried out quarterly.

Entry to the property is only possible after issuing an appropriate notice to the current tenant.

A&S Properties will act as your agent, pursue the tenant within 48-hours of rent arrears by email and telephone.

Thereafter, arrear notices will be issued on day four, along with door visits if the tenant has not been in contact. After 28 days, we recommend the arrears be handed to a legal team.

At A&S Properties, we recommend that the Landlord takes out rent guarantee insurance, which can cover all rent arrears and legal expenses.

Yes, you should inform your mortgage lender as they need to give permission before your property can be let out. They may impose special conditions, such as an increase in interest rate. If you are buying a property with the initial intention of letting it out, you might be able to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage.

You would need to contact our office and ask the team to issue the current tenant with a two-month notice to quit. After this, if tenants refuse to vacate, legal action will be required.

Landlords can be liable to pay tax on their rental income, whether based in the UK or are based overseas. More information can be found on the Inland Revenue's website.

To maintain our reputation as the best property management company Perth can offer, we ensure that a full credit and reference check screen all potential tenants.

The following compliance needs to be carried out and information provided to tenants before a tenancy being signed. All information must be included with the Tenant Information Pack (TIP) following Scottish Legislation. At A&S Properties, we have the following compliance works which are carried out, removing all the hassle for you. We can negotiate for you to obtain special discounted rates from our network of local accredited tradespeople with no extra charge.

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC for short, is a report detailing the energy efficiency of a property. It gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. All landlords must purchase an EPC for a property before they let it, and values must be shown within all advertising.

Gas Safe Certificate
A Gas Safety Record (GSR) is in place to ensure that all gas appliances, pipes and flues are in safe working order. A qualified Gas Safe Register engineer must carry it out and issue a certificate. This needs to be checked every 12 months, and a working Co2 detector must be in place and changed every 5 years.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is in place to ensure all electrical wiring, fuse boards, sockets and switches are in safe working order. A qualified Select Electrician must carry it out and issue a certificate. This must be carried out every 5 Years.

You have a duty to your tenant(s) to ensure that any electrical devices within the property are safe for use. We recommend an Installation Survey or Portable Appliance Testing (PAT certificate), so you can be sure you are compliant should be carried out annually.

Legionella Testing
Recent changes to the HSE guidance have highlighted too many individuals the fact they need to perform risk assessments for legionella control in properties that they lease. These include duty holders towards your tenants within your property, landlords, and individuals affected by changes in legislation relating to the control of Legionella. The period of checks can vary after initial inspection from annually to every two years, depending on risk.

Fire Safety and Furniture
The Scottish Government has produced revised statutory guidance on the requirements for smoke alarms. A copy of the revised statutory guidance is available on the PRHP website by visiting

However, the main points relative to smoke detectors are as follows.

The Domestic Technical Handbook states there should be at least:

  1. One functioning smoke alarm in the room is frequently used by the occupants for general daytime living purposes.
  2. One heat alarm in every kitchen.
  3. One functioning smoke alarm in every circulation space, such as hallways and landings.
  4. All alarms should be interlinked

Any upholstered furnishings provided by you, the landlord, should be fire-resistant.

Upholstered furniture includes:

  • Sofas, Sofa Beds, Futons and Armchairs
  • Beds, headboards and mattresses
  • Loose and stretch covers for furniture, including cushions and seat pads
  • Curtain and Blinds

Inventory Condition Reports:

An inventory is a list of everything in the property that you are renting to your tenant (for example, furniture, carpets and curtains, kitchenware) and its condition also health and safety, e.g. Smoke alarms and detectors.

An inventory can help avoid a dispute because it proves what state the property was when your tenant moved there. In particular, it can help if a dispute is lodged with a tenancy deposit scheme or PHRP (Private Housing Rental Panel).

It is in your best interest to provide an independent inventory because if anything is broken or damaged while your tenants are living there, the inventory shows it was not broken before your tenant moved into the property. On the other hand, if anything in the property is already damaged, the inventory proves you have made them aware.

Why Use A&S Property Management Company Perth?

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Get in touch for a quick and free estimate of your property's market value.

The best property managers Perth can offer

You can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be in safe hands at A&S Properties. We use our knowledge, experience and tools to offer services you can trust, rely on and receive the maximum value from. We also have teams specialising in the local property markets of Dundee and Glasgow, so if you're in or close to these areas, our landlord services may be for you.

Our services

Some of our services include:

  • Marketing your property online to the most appropriate websites and social media
  • Finding you the perfect tenant
  • Carrying out checks
  • Drawing up legal documents
  • Sorting out rent and legal expenses
  • Collecting the rent every month
  • Inspections of your property with a condition report
  • Organising any necessary repairs or replacements.

High-quality properties deserve high-quality tenants

We will never cut corners or look for an easy way to fill a vacancy; we seek out only the most suitable short or long term tenants. Background checks and strict legal agreements help us make sure your rental properties stay in good hands. Our Perth property management reviews the tenancy regularly to make sure everyone is happy.

Effective marketing for your property

We use every tool, website, and platform for advertising your property to cast a wide net and ensure we have a wide range of prospective tenants to choose from. But don't worry; we're never careless about where your property shows up. We target the specific demographic your rental is suited to and take it from there.

A free estimate of your property's market value

We offer a free estimate of your property's rental value to ensure you get the maximum value you can. Even if you've had an estimate previously, we still encourage you to take advantage of this service; the market fluctuates frequently, and with certain areas becoming more desirable, you might be surprised. We know this is your investment property, and we always work hard to maximise your earning potential. No obligations and no strings attached; give us a call.

24/7 property management services

Hiring a property manager can make your life so much easier. We are available to you whenever you need us. Whether it's to help with your property or advice on the current laws and markets, get in touch, and we will help you in any way we can.

We take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders

Renting out a property involves a lot of work, such as rent collection, following Governmental guidelines and staying on top of everything that's required. With our property management agency, you don't need to worry about anything; just sit back and collect your rental income while we take over all the hard work.

We help your property stay in top shape

After a tenant has moved in, we conduct regular inspections and report back to you. We report and take care of everything, including:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Replacements

We will always keep you in the loop of any work that needs to be completed.

Added insurance and affordable prices

Rent and legal expense insurance are available for added peace of mind.

Perth Property Management At Its Best

Right from the start, we strive to offer you the best services, the best value and the most stress-free management of your property.

Finding and screening potential tenants

To ensure we find tenants who we believe to be the most suitable for your property and who offer a stable income for rent, we employ a referencing company. This company helps us to check backgrounds, current employment and history of previous addresses. When we find someone suitable, we create and get signed a private residential tenancy agreement (PRT) that outlines the legal guidelines for us, the landlord, and the tenant.

Property maintenance

As a part of our services, we offer 24/7 management of any inquiries, reports or maintenance sent to us by tenants or found during our regular inspections. The costs of any work that needs completing will be taken from the initial deposits paid by the tenants, which will be deducted once the tenancy ends. This covers any damage, repairs and cleaning, so you don't have to pay a penny.

Rental collection

Something else you don't need to worry about is collecting rent every month, as we will take care of everything. Typically on the first of the month, once the tenant has paid the current rent due, you'll receive a same-day payment and an email detailing everything that was collected or deducted.

As with all aspects of our business, our property management fees for Perth based landlords are reasonable, transparent and will be fully detailed in your monthly payment breakdown.

Making lives easier for Landlords, Perth and beyond, is our passion, so get in touch today.