Property Development Services

A&S Properties is a client-first property management company specialising in offering a range of services to landlords and tenants across central Scotland. With expertise and in-depth knowledge of the property market, we are proud to provide our clients with support in development opportunities.

Don’t leave money on the table; let A&S get the most from your investments.

Guidance For Perth, Dundee & Glasgow Property Developers

We love what we do and what can be achieved through the successful development of a property. Working with a range of clients, helping to develop and manage a range of property types, we're at the forefront of the private rental and buy-to-let sectors, so there’s no one better to have as a partner to ensure any development project goes off without a hitch.

By sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, we hope to work together to maximise your investments while playing a key role in Scottish property development and the supply of high-quality rentals. Scotland is home to some fantastic areas to live in, and we are happy to help both landlords and tenants across cities like Perth, Dundee and Glasgow.

Property development is not a simple task; we understand this and have seen the highs and lows that this line of work can provide. To help landlords and developers, whether new or experienced, we are happy to discuss everything from finding the perfect residential property, potential rental incomes and rental yields, and offer our advice on what kind of business plan or property investment will be necessary.

Helping you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of property development is a service we offer to anyone looking to invest in the Scottish property market; just give us a call.

A&S Property Development Support

Along with our free services for investors in Dundee, Perth and Glasgow, we offer a full range of support services to those looking to develop their properties for the market. We offer:

Private Rented Sector and Build-to-Rent

We have been in the industry for over a combined 40 years and have built a reputation of excellence within the private rental and built-to-rent sectors. We have worked successfully with clients to secure and develop property across central Scotland, maximising returns while minimising development investments.

A&S can provide you with our specialist experience to ensure that all development projects are well managed and on budget while ensuring you receive the most from your initial investment. Just some of the services we offer in these sectors are:

  • Consultancy for property development opportunities; no-nonsense advice provided free of charge.
  • The appraisal of a site, ensuring you begin a project with all the required information.
  • Property refurbishing and preparation, which can be completed with discounted rates from our trusted partners across the trades.
  • Tenant and building management services, including property marketing, inventory reports and ongoing support.

Rental Market Analysis

To support developers, we can offer an analysis of the local rental market and provide hands-on advice on approaching opportunities and development projects in those areas.

For both new and experienced developers, we can offer guidance to streamline any property development project and provide in-depth analysis of demand, current rent prices, and projected development costs across the city's key areas. If you wish to sell the property after the project is complete, we’re happy to help you with that too.

International Investors

We offer a full range of support and management services for those looking at buying a property, buying land or starting a development project as part of your international portfolio. Drawing from our local knowledge and a list of industry contacts, we can support all aspects of a development project, saving you time, resources and stress.

By acting as your trusted partner in the local area, we can supply you with the information, analysis and knowledge of the local market you need to reap the most return from an investment. Whether short-term or long term, we can help from start to finish.

You can relax knowing that A&S properties are on hand to ensure your project is completed without a hitch.