Property Investment Dundee

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Money makes you nothing in the bank, but if invested wisely can grant you fantastic returns. As a part of the full property services, A&S Properties frequently use our combined decades of industry knowledge and expertise to advise, organise and assist in every aspect of property investment.

From start to finish, we can discuss the best strategies, help locate excellent investment opportunities and use our trusted trade partners, along with our discounted rates, to help prepare a property for new tenants. As we always put our client first, we offer all of this and more completely free, so get in touch today to learn how much more your money could be doing for you.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you invest a little, but gain a lot.

Support For Dundee Property Investors

The Dundee area is home to some fantastic investment opportunities, and due to its large student population is an increasingly popular location for buy to let properties. The city also benefits from big employers, such as The University of Dundee and DC Thomson, as well as excellent transport links to the rest of Scotland. This mix between residential, student and commuters to nearby locations such as St Andrews, makes Dundee a great place to invest.

We know that the property market can be a confusing industry to get started in, but A&S is committed to offering our support in every aspect of investing into properties in Dundee. We will help you find the best deals and receive the maximum rental income and return possible.

Saturday Morning Investment Meetings

Every one of our clients deserves our full attention. So we have dedicated Saturday mornings to sit down with you and thoroughly discuss how to best invest in Dundee property. We are also experts in the Perth property market, both residential and commercial, and are also happy to discuss property investments across Perthshire.

Either face-to-face when possible, or over online video calls, we provide free support, hands-on advice and our full focus on helping investors to buy a great property. Our personal approach is something we pride ourselves on, and something we hope will build long-term relationships that will continue to be hugely beneficial for all.

Property Search

We aim to help maximise return and minimise your investment, and so we offer to:

  • Discuss and advise on the best investment strategies within Dundee
  • Recommend additional resources for investing (such as accountants and solicitors)
  • Property searching and inspections
  • Helping with offer submissions

Pre-Purchase Assistance

If required, our help extends throughout the investment and purchase of a property. We can assist with:

  • Arranging any required surveys or evaluations
  • Helping to source quotes for refurbishments and furnishing from our trusted partners
  • Arranging any landlord’s, building and content issuance you may need

Property Preparation

The last step would be to get the property ready for residents and for you to start reaping your returns, including:

  • Inspections, key collections and initial reporting of damages
  • Required refurbishments and furnishings
  • Tenant handover
  • Property management services going forward

Are you already a landlord in Dundee? Take a look at what our management services can offer you!

Property Investment Dundee Case Studies

  • Location: Dundee
  • Purchase date: 2013
  • Type of property: Three bed
  • Total cost: £135,000 (£120,000 purchase + £15,000 development)
  • Rent: £830 pcm
  • Gross yield: 7%
  • Location: Dundee
  • Purchase date: 2020
  • Type of property: One bed
  • Total cost: £64,000 (£54,000 purchase + £10,000 development)
  • Rent: £440 pcm
  • Gross yield: 8.3%
  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: December 2020
  • Type of property: One bed
  • Total cost: £54,000 (£45,000 purchase + £9,000 development)
  • Rent: £450 pcm
  • Gross yield: 10%
  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: June 2020
  • Type of Property: One bed
  • Total cost: £56,000
  • Rent: £450 pcm
  • Gross Yield: 9%
  • Location: Perth
  • Purchase date: 2015
  • Type of property: Four bedroom
  • Total cost: £85,000 (£75,000 purchase + £10,000 development)
  • Rent: £750 pcm
  • Gross yield: 10.5%