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OCTOBER 15, 2018 | BY A & S Property

RentPassport and DepositFree insurance trial to take place in Scotland

Canopy, the UK property rental market app has teamed up with Rettie & Co. to trial RentPassport and DepositFree insurance at the recently launched Harbour Gateway mid-market Build to Rent (BTR) development in Edinburgh. 

The new scheme enables renters to pay their rent via Canopy’s free to use RentPassport, which is backed by Experian, enabling renters to build a credit score and a renter profile which accurately reflects their history as a tenant.

The RentPassport also reduces the back-office costs historically associated with the screening of prospective tenants and reduces the risk of rental arrears.

The tenant will own their digital rental history and data, with the ability to choose with whom to share it. This facilitates a trust-based relationship between all parties involved and is delivered to enable ‘Generation Rent’ to become property owners quicker.

Rettie & Co. residents at Harbour Gateway will be given the choice to move into properties without paying an initial security deposit, which is typically equivalent to four weeks rent. Instead, renters can choose Canopy’s DepositFree insurance product, backed by HISCOX.

DepositFree insurance, which provides landlords and renters with the same protection as a traditional cash deposit, is a one-off policy premium paid by the renter which covers both parties for up to three years. For tenancies longer than three years, a renewal premium would be payable.

Jon Pitt, CCO of Canopy, commented: “Securing a rental property can be very challenging for many prospective tenants, especially when they are waiting for their previous deposit to be returned at the same time as trying to secure and pay for a new property.

“This trial will help people rent their dream home by taking out DepositFree insurance and using Canopy to track their rent to help improve their Experian credit score.”

Matthew Benson, Rettie & Co. Director and Head of Development Services, added: “Scotland, like the rest of the UK, is facing a chronic shortage of housing. In its current state, the private rental sector fails to meet the needs of the nation’s renters.  Canopy’s initiatives offer a lasting solution to the issues currently facing Scottish renters.”

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