JANUARY 23, 2019 | BY A & S Property
New landlord seminars to help landlords tackle disrepair in common areas

With research showing that around 61% of privately rented flats in Scotland currently have common areas like stairways and roofs in a state of disrepair, information service Under One Roof Scotland will host a series of seminars to help landlords tackle disrepair in communal areas of blocks of flats.

The seminars, which will be funded by the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust, will look to provide information to landlords and letting agents as part of wider efforts to help to improve Scotland’s private rented sector (PRS).

The seminar promotes and facilitates education, training and best practice within the sector by funding projects that provide tangible benefits to landlords, letting agents and tenants alike.

The extent of disrepair in the private rented sector is estimated to be at 59%, above the Scottish average of 50%.

The seminars, hosted across Scotland, will aim to address this imbalance and will be arranged in conjunction with local authorities. They aim to provide landlords and letting agents with information on the typical maintenance problems that they may come across and how they can deal with co-owners who may be reluctant or unable to join common repair schemes.

Annie Flint, the author of Under One Roof, commented: “Part of the reason for private rented property having higher rates of disrepair is that many are in older stone-built properties such as tenement flats which tend to suffer from more repair problems than newer buildings. Two thirds of rented properties are flats and as many as one third of stone built flats are privately rented.

“Arranging to deal with critical disrepair in flats can be particularly difficult as all the owners need to agree and to pay their share. This is a particular problem for landlords who may not be able to rent their flats where repairs to common areas such as the roof, external walls and stairs cannot be arranged due to a lack of co-operation amongst owners.”

“Landlords can attend any of the seminars we have arranged, and details can be found by searching for Private Landlord Seminars on the Under One Roof Scotland website.”

John Duff, chairman of SafeDeposits Scotland Trust, said: “We are always looking to support exciting and innovative proposals and projects that share the aims of the Trust.

“The Under One Roof seminars are a fantastic example of our collaborative approach to improving the private rented sector for everyone involved in it.”

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